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“ You only have one life and I won’t allow you to waste it so stupidly .” Actarus

Vega, Grand War Strategist of the planet Stykadès, seizes Euphor, a peaceful planet which he will ravage with his fleet of saucers and giant robots. During the attack that will lead to the final destruction of Euphor, the royal family is exterminated. Actarus, son of the king and prince, manages to escape after seizing Grendizer, the most advanced robot developed by scientists on the planet, and flees to Earth. He is taken in by Professor Procyon who heads the Space Research Center. Continuing his conquest of new planets, Vega establishes a base on the far side of the Moon, from which he intends to launch the offensive on the blue planet. Actarus then finds himself obliged to use Goldorak in order to prevent Earth from suffering the same fate as his home planet.

Because Vintage licenses are part of our DNA, we had to pay homage to the knight of new times.

The statue represents Goldorak proud, emerging from the water and looking into the distance at his adversary with his pilot Actarus in the foreground with a blank look as always and in the distance the famous secret base.

Statue Size: H73 × L70 × W70 cm

Materials: Resin

Weight: KG 60

Packaging: 2 oversized boxes

Limited edition: 99 pieces worldwide

Shipping is free to Kuwait.


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