TriForce Studio 1/1 Batman Arkham Origins Bust


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TriForce Studio 1/1 Batman Arkham Origins Bust


What would Batman be without his cowl? Certainly not as cool or intimidating. Since we know you’ve always wanted to be as intimidating as the Caped Crusader, here’s your chance! From Project TriForce comes the Batman Arkham Origins Cowl Full Scale Prop Replica.

Based on designs from the popular video game Batman: Arkham Origins, the cowl is the center-piece of Batman’s ever-growing arsenal. This piece not only conceals his identity, but strikes terror into the heart of his enemies in Gotham. This piece is masterfully sculpted, hand-finished, and hand-painted to provide the most authentic representation possible.

There are several impressive details and features on this prop replica. The cowl itself has marks on it, showcasing a battle-worn appearance. After all, not even Batman can fight crime every night and not get a little scuffed up. The glowing face the cowl is fitted onto looks especially epic.

The base is a work of art in and of itself. Modeled after the Batcave, this piece has metal screens and working LED effects to enhance its design and technology.


Boxes Size:

BOX1: 20.3kg – 57L / 71W / 40H

BOX1: 24.1kg – 65.5L / 65.5W / 27.5H

Additional information

Weight44.4 kg
Dimensions65.5 × 71 × 40 cm


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