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ndy, the heart and soul of the Toy Story franchise is a wonderfully warm-hearted young toy owner. Even as he grows up, he never forgets his childhood and creates new memories for his cherished toys by passing them on to a new generation.

The DAH-027DX Andy Davis, and DAH-033DX Sid Phillips are upgraded, deluxe sets, which are back by popular demand. The launch of two new deluxe sets gives collectors new and improved upgrades, which are perfect for the avid Toy Story collector.

The DAH-027DX Toy Story Andy Davis Deluxe Edition is an action figure with 16 points of articulation across the body. Just like the original version, the set comes with three replaceable head sculpts, four pairs of replaceable hands, and the classic outfit worn in the second movie by Andy, which is made of real fabric. In addition, the deluxe version also comes with a collection of little green soldiers and a soldier bucket for storage. A Pixar-inspired beach ball as well as Andy’s iconic bed set with frame, pillows, and quilt are all also included. A perfect set for fans to replicate the fun Andy enjoyed in his bedroom for many years before he moved out.


Included Accessories:

・DAH design, child body, with around 16 points of articulation across

・Three (3) kinds of replaceable head sculpts (Regular, angry, smiling)

・Four (4) pairs of interchangeable hands (Fist, open, gripping, pointing)

・T-shirt and shorts made of real fabric

・Toy accessories: Set of green soldiers, green soldier storage bucket, beach ball

・Andy bed set: bed frame. Pillow and quilt (made of real fabric)

・Branded base, with logo and bracket


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