Tom and Jerry: Magnetic Paperclip Holder By Soap Studio


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Tom and Jerry: Magnetic Paperclip Holder By Soap Studio


Tom and Jerry: Magnetic Paperclip Holder
Whenever you are studying or working,if you feel tired, just have a look at this pair of cuties on your desktop, and the boredom will surely go away! Gentle-looking Tom is holding the pad, waiting for your instructions. Not only can you use the complimentary erasable pen to write down your inspiration notes and things you need to be reminded of on the pad, but you can also remove the pad and replace it with your mobile phone or something else you’d like Tom to hold for you. Jerry is holding a big piece of cheese, which is not his food this time but a great help for collecting your bits and pieces. Metal objects like paper clips, micro clips can be all firmly absorbed on the surface of Jerry’s cheese because of the magnet inside.

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