TJ – Royal Court Jerry and Tuffy Figure


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TJ – Royal Court Jerry and Tuffy Figure

King Tom is very satisfied with his statue, and in recognition of his two brave royal guards Jerry and Tuffy, he invited Soap Studio to make a statue for them too!

Jerry is wearing a long cloak and a knight helmet, the red tassel on top of the helmet represents his heroic courage, you can image how brave he will be when he meets with his enemies. A sword is held by his two hands in front of him, which can help him keep the safety of his king. Tuffy is also wearing a helmet and holding a long sword, but his diapers reveal the fact that he is still a baby, really full of Tuffy’s unique characteristics of a troublemaker.

You can put this product together with Royal Court Tom Figure to form a complete scene, so why not come and build Tom and Jerry Royal Court of your own!

Material: Vinyl

Height: 15cm

Expected shipping Date: December, 2021


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Weight1 kg
Dimensions19 × 10 × 18 cm


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