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Available on September 30, 2024

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Product Features– 4 Inch Figure Diorama Statue

– Perfectly present the animation & animation scene and characters’ emotion

– A total of six design, plus one special edition 

Product DescriptionSugar, spices, and all things nice… but, don’t forget Chemical X, the powerful agent that created the most powerful young girls ever! “The Powerpuff Girls”!

From Warner Bros., the beloved “Cartoon Network” classic animated series that many of us grew up with, and a new generation is experiencing once again, “The Powerpuff Girls” features three superpowered young girls – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup – who join forces to fight crime and evil.

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ celebrates this phenomenal animated series with the release of a new collection in the ‘Mini Dreams Collection’ line. This new collection brings together the iconic and beloved three little heroes and their three super villains! Who will emerge victorious? Collect all six and find out!

On the heroes’ side, we have Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup: The three energetic young girls, with superpowers unlike any other. Each figurine comes with a mini stand that showcases the unique colors assigned by the professor’s Chemical X concoction, as well as their beloved plush dolls. Connect all three to create a mini scene straight out of the animation.

In the arch-nemesis corner, we have Fuzzy Lumpkins: With pink fur and a big green nose, where he is seen kidnapping the mayor and planning to escape. Mojo Jojo: The most formidable enemy of the Powerpuff Girls, battles our young heroes with his flying ship and lightning gun! The Amoeba Boys: The most insignificant gang in town, they spend every minute trying to commit evil deeds but fail. Can you see them sleeping with silly expressions?



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