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In the hallway of the mobile research facility of the High Evolutionary villain on Counter-Earth, the space adventurer part-Celestial part-human hero wields one of his Quad Blasters in his right hand, keeping the other in his belt while he leans relaxed. The former notorious intergalactic outlaw knows and faces his responsibility as the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy in a fearless way, helping planets and populations in need. Presented firsthand at San Diego Comic-Con 2023, once again in their booth, Iron Studios brought the statue “Star-Lord – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – Art Scale 1/10”, with the legendary leader of the most beloved group of misfit heroes in the galaxy, presenting the hero with his blue costume with details in red, inspired by his version from the comics, with the detailed face features meticulously faithful to actor Chris Pratt, over a diorama base that reminds the interior of the Arête Laboratories, in a series with the statues of Groot and Rocket completing the set.

In 1988, while he was still a child, Peter Quill was abducted by space pirates from Yondu Udonta’s Clan called the Ravangers, to be delivered to his father on a different planet, but Yondu ended up raising the young Quill as his pupil. Quill then became a member of the Clan where he created his reputation as a mercenary, self-proclaiming himself Star-Lord, a kind nickname given to him by his mother. Naturally optimistic and sarcastic, Quill has strong bonds with the music and pop culture from the 80s, as memories and references from his life on planet Earth. He forged an alliance with the assassin Gamora; Drax, the Destroyer; Rocket Racoon; and Groot, and together they formed the Guardians of the Galaxy. Later, Peter met his biological father, a primordial and powerful being of the race of Celestials called Ego, a living planet with a humanoid extension of himself. Ego traveled across the entire universe, having children of humanoid aliens in many places, in the attempt of creating a Celestial heir. He hired the Clan of Yondu to kidnap and transport some of these descendants to his planet, although none of them proved to have inherited his Celestial DNA. At this moment, Ego killed them, and, because of that, fearing that Quill would have the same destiny, Yondu, that got really close to the boy, opted not to hand him to Ego. Ego revealed that he was the one responsible for the death of his mother, and Quill, alongside the Guardians, after killing his biological father and witnessing Yondu sacrifice himself, continued to lead the group and started a relationship with Gamora. The group participated in the Infinity Saga facing Thanos, in which Gamora lost her life getting sacrificed by the titan to get the Soul Stone. Establishing themselves in the interdimensional space station and scientific observatory known as Knowhere, their lives are touched by the echoes of the turbulent past of Rocket. Peter Quill, still recovering from the loss of Gamora, must lead his team once more to save the life of his grumpy raccoon friend.

Already available for Pre-Order, the Inside Iron Studios Day of September, the traditional monthly show on Iron Studios’ YouTube channel, presented in detail the space adventurer hero and his allies in this new series of statues, inspired by the third part of the trilogy of movies from the team of intergalactic mercenary heroes that defend mainly the Andromeda Galaxy. Check out the future releases of the series with the statues “Rocket Raccoon – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – Art Scale 1/10” and “Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – Art Scale 1/10”, and many other news from Iron Studios about the MCU and much more!




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