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“Those who change. Those who never change. And those that don’t want to change.”
Introducing the Premium Masterline Series: Masked Rider – a true collector’s masterpiece. This 1/4 scale figure brings to life the iconic character from the 2023 film Shin Masked Rider, paying homage to the origins of this legendary hero.

Designed in collaboration with Blitzway, this statue faithfully captures the essence of the character’s transformation into the enigmatic “Masked Rider.” First debuting in 1971, the original Masked Rider inspired this rendition, which has been refined with a unique interpretation while preserving the classic legacy.

Every detail of this figure is a testament to the character’s on-screen presence, accurately recreating the Rider’s iconic poses, complete with the intricate details and features seen in the film. From the precise angles of the helmet’s mouthpiece, the translucent effect of the O-Signal between the eyes, to the SHOCKER emblem, the signature mask stays true to its original form.

Adding to the realism, the compound eyes feature built-in LEDs, allowing you to display the character in an illuminated state, just like in action-packed scenes such as the fight with Hachi-Augment-01. You can choose between two types of scarves, one made from polystone and the other from fabric, allowing flexibility to enjoy the heroic style of your choice.

Unveil the intricately crafted protective suit beneath the richly textured fabric coat. The scratches in his chest plate, the luster of the black leather, and the gleam of his metallic belt all highlight the impeccable attention to detail.

But that’s not all; the figure comes with a special base inspired by Masked Rider’s iconic Cyclone motorcycle. The base includes a rotation effect, mirroring the Cyclone’s design, and incorporates the same effect found in the Rider’s belt. It’s a tribute to the hero’s mode of transportation and the source of his power.

With the removable fabric coat, you can display the figure in different dynamic ways, bringing out the hero’s spirit in your collection.

Embrace the essence of the Masked Rider and elevate your collection with the Premium Masterline Series: PMSKR-01. This figure embodies the character’s core design in a premium collectible form, making it a must-have for fans and enthusiasts alike.


· Statue Size Approximately 20 inches [H: 51.5cm W: 34.5cm D: 31.5cm]

· Cyclone Motorcycle-themed base with spinning fan feature

· Rider Belt with spinning fan feature

· LED Illuminating Eyes

· Two (2) swappable scarves (Fabric and Sculpted)

· Removable Fabric Coat




Brands: Prime1Studio

Materials: Polystone and other materials

Scale: 1/4

Product Code: PMSKR-01


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