Rocky Balboa II (Sylvester Stallone) Rocky 1/6 Scale Deluxe Edition By Star Ace toys


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Product name SA0117 Rocky 1.0 (Deluxe Edition)
Scale 1/6 (approximately 30 cm in height)
MOVIE ROCKY II (1979) LORKE 2 (1979)

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) Rocky 1.0 1/6Scale figures (Deluxe Edition

– 1/6 packs of rubber (seamless) action, about 30 cm high
– A movable body with multiple joints
– It is extremely true that the doll plays the role of Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa (Rocky) in the movie Rocky II Rocky Balboa 1979.
– Own 1 Rocky Balboa head carving like real and delicate

1. Head carving
– 1 serious facial expression Rocky Balboa Rocky’s head carving (movable eyes);
– 1 Rocky Balboa Rocky replaceable hat hair (magnet)

2. Plain body
– 1 pack of glue Seamless movable body with multiple joints

3. Hand palms 5 (ordinary version) /6 (deluxe version) only, including:
– 1 Pair of natural hands-on palms
– 1 Pair of natural fist palms
– 1 right-hand palm that can be posing in different positions
– 1 left-handed palm that can hold a rope

4. Clothing
– 1 piece of black T-shirt
– 1 extra red T-shirt
– 1 pair of black suit trousers
– 1 piece of black robe (tiger pattern printed on the back)
– 1 pair of leather shoes

5. Accessories:
– 1 black hat
– 1 gold watch engraving
– 1 cross necklace
– 1 bracelet

6. Deluxe Edition (SA0117) with the following additional accessories, including:
– 1 Butkus dog and dog rope

7. Doll bracket

** The final product may be slightly different from the prototype diagram.
** All information is subject to change without notice.

ROCKY II TM & (C) 1979 – 2022 Metro-Goldwyn-Master Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
(C) 2022 Star Ace Toys Limited. All Rights Reserved.


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