One Piece Going Merry Limited Edition Statue, King of the Sea By Infinity Studio


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When the “Golden Meili” became a memory in the fire, the “Thousand-mile Sunshine” carrying the dream of the straw hat group will continue the adventure. Since then, there has been an “King of Beasts” on the great voyage – like the sun, it opens the way for dreams, reflecting courage and friendship on this sea.

Kaitian Studio launched a blockbuster 1/60 “Thousand-mile Sunshine Collector’s Edition” statue, continuing the story of “One Piece” in reality, together with the straw hat crew, “like the sun, calmly and happy, through the cruel sea.”


Unprecedented huge size
Spectacular, huge and magnificent was the first reaction of Luffy and his partners when they saw the Qianli Sunshine. In terms of size setting, we hope to convey the visual shock of the “King of Beasts”. With the largest sunshine size on the market – 75cm*67cm*44cm, it reproduces its heroic posture in the animation – “No matter what kind of sea you can cross, it is not a problem to go to the end of the world.”


Based on the size of this work, we have realized the “divine restoration” of the hull structure and details on the basis of the official setting. From top to bottom, the library and measuring room, kitchen and dining room, aquarium and bedroom, the main space composition of each floor and the door and window lighting are fully displayed.


The appearance of the hull and the wood grain of the mast are clear and real, perfectly replicaping the tough texture of the original treasure tree Adam; the lawn on the central deck restores the open place for the crew to relax through fine painting.


In the outdoor area, Joba’s favorite slide, the orange tree in Nami’s hometown, the rudder equipped with the “Soldier Dock System”, and the matching joysticks and chairs are visible to the naked eye.


Looking at these objects full of stories, all the exciting and emotional moments that happened on the sea are spread in front of you like a picture. Players can cooperate with other Sea King’s hand-held collections to carry out theme shooting to realize scene interaction and famous scene restoration.

The main body of this Qianli Sunshine collection version is made of Polaroid material, and the sail adopts controllable real fabric to create a fuller sense of “sail sailing”. At the same time, the sail can be freely adjusted up and down to make the work more interactive and interesting.


The stern engine and the wave-shaped base are both transparent, which can be bright with electricity, improving the dynamic and expression of the whole work: even if the waves are rough, the Qianli Sunshine is still moving forward firmly towards the dream.


Kaitian StudioGenuine Authorized “Sea King” – Qianli Sunshine Collector’s EditionOfficial pre-sale informationLimited number of bodies: 650 bodies

Product size: H (75cm) * W (44cm) * L (67cm)

Product material: resin, cloth, metal, etc.

Shipping not included 


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