MC-041 Universal Minions Master Craft Stuart & Bob & Kevin


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Universal Minions Master Craft Stuart & Bob & Kevin

n the 2015 smash hit: Minions, the little yellow soldiers with a taste for crazy hijinks got to star in their very own animated movie for the first time.
Since single-celled organisms started their evolution millions of years ago, the wide-eyed little soldiers began their quest to search for an evil master to serve. Across the ages notorious masterminds came and left but the Minions never lost their passion for obedience. Amongst the current crop of madcap little servants are three Minions that are unique in just about every way imaginable. The leader, Kevin is a smart yet quirky swordsman, Stuart is rebellious with a dash of crazy, and finally Bob, the gentle and lovely adventurer most definitely is a heartbreaker. Each brings their own level of zaniness to the table, which has made them and all other Minions legendary characters in their own right.

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ takes fans of the Minions to the next level with a highly detailed Master Craft statue release of the three crazy characters from the Minions series. Meticulosity hand crafted and painted, each statue is bursting with the vibrant yellow and jean colored blue that the characters have become famous for. The three little friends are ready to take on a desk near you with their individually numbered plaques and highly detailed base. A collectors statue of the highest degree, and one for true fans of the craziest animated characters to ever grace our screens. Make sure yours is ordered from an authorized Beast Kingdom outlet today.



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