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In Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z series, an evil scientist by the name of Doctor Hell gets his hands on an army of giant steel titans hidden in the ruins of the pre-Grecian Mycene Empire, throwing the fate of the world into uncertainty. Professor Kabuto, a former member of his research team, is determined to stop him after managing to escape the wrath inflicted on other members of their team. However, tragedy strikes when Professor Kabuto is killed by one of Doctor Hells’ bombs. It is up to Koji Kabuto, the professor’s grandson, to stop the evil from spreading. In his dying moments, Professor Kabuto tasks his grandson with the responsibility of piloting his fighting robot creation, Mazinger Z.

Mazinger Z, a Super Robot made of Super-Alloy Z, is the only force that can stand up to Doctor Hell. To save the world from Doctor Hell’s domination, Koji must pilot Mazinger Z through long battles with the scientist and his daunting legion of steel.


This limited-edition release of the Mazinger Z Robot Elite Bust is an impressive, high-detail rendition of a beloved classic, with the red wings of the Jet Scrander extending on either side of Mazinger to display the robot ready to fly into battle against mechanical beasts.

The 1/4 scale equivalent allows for this statue to integrate with Grendizer and Getter Robot Elite Busts in a striking display of Super Robot power.  The bust mimics Mazinger’s Super Alloy Z material in extraordinary realism with lifelike bolts and rivets that seem to hold together separate panels. The contrasting reds, blues, and yellows are emphasized by Figurama’s signature painting style, making for an ultra-realistic and palpably metallic iteration of Mazinger that has seen many battles. Besides the bonus Hover Pilder on Mazinger’s head, the bust attaches mechanically atop an intricate Hover Pilder pedestal. The pedestal highlights the details of Mazinger’s flying command center down to the intricate Pilder Missiles and VTOL wing fans, geared up to assist the Mazinger in battles at Mach speeds.

Crafted from polystone, each limited-edition Mazinger Z Robot EliteBust comes packaged with an official Certificate of Authenticity.

© Go Nagai/Dynamic Production

Edition Size:  Limited Edition

Line: Elite Bust

Dimensions: 1/4 Scale Equivalent; H26 cm

Includes: Certificate of Authenticity

Materials: Polystone, PU

Creative Director: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team

Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin

3D Artist/Sculptor: Luigi Terzi

Painter: Three Eyes Studio


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