Iron Spider-Man 1/2 Statue Standard Edition
 By Queen Studios


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Iron Spider-Man 1/2 Statue Standard Edition

By @queen_studios_collectibles

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Standard edition:

Masked head sculpt

Without Pincers:

Height: 104 CM

Width: 56 CM

Depth: 66 CM

A: Custom glass eyes

B: Masked head sculpt

Edition Size: 298

Estimated Delivery Date: Quarter 4 2023

About the Statue

The Queen Studios team have re-imaged this 1/2 scale Iron Spider-Man statue recreating Peter Parker as Spider-Man in his Iron Spider suit. Parker is stood straight while he looks ahead with a patient gaze assessing the situation around him. His armor is metallic red and blue with gold accents. The Iron Spider-Man’s legs known as “Pincers” are engaged, making Parker resemble an arachnid.
Parker looks imposing as he prepares himself for battle.

The Statue and the Base

Using state-of-the-art art technology and the finest materials, this limited edition Iron Spider-Man 1/2 scale statue is expertly crafted to capture the Iron Spider from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. Peter Parker’s soft skin is made of platinum silicone, which creates hyper-real look. His hair is painstakingly punched one by one, before being cut and styled. And his custom glass eyes add that extra touch of realism bringing the character to life.
Both the Standard and Premium Edition feature a movie accurate masked head-sculpt feature internal lighting allowing you to display with the standard lens or “Instant-Kill” mode-red


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