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“Marcus, he’s the one. The source. The first true Vampire”.

As the original Vampire Elder and the ancestor of all Vampires, Marcus Corvinus is the main antagonist of Underworld: Evolution. His powers are superior to that of the rest of his kind, including Viktor and Amelia. His transformation into a Hybrid greatly enhanced his already formidable powers and granted him the ability to transform into a demonic looking beast with bat-like features. He has enough control over his transformation that he can turn only his hand into a claw as well as his a pair of bat-like wings, which can deploy and retract onto this back. Don’t lie to him… he can read your memories by drinking your blood!!

Measuring in at a colossal 44 inches, Marcus is the biggest maquette from ECC and Cinemaquette to date. This masterpiece will make the ultimate centerpiece for any underworld collection.


Approximately 34 inches in height.
Approximately 45 inches wingspan.
Cloth reproduced in scale to precise details.
Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by sculptors Steve Wang and Miyo Nakamura.
Limited in production to 300 units worldwide.


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