Logan Grimnar – Diorama By HMO LIMITED EDITON


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Logan Grimnar – Diorama By HMO LIMITED EDITON


Premium Warhammer 40,000 Statue

“Logan Grimnar Diorama”

HMO’s second Warhammer Premium statue is finally here… Produced under Official License with Games Workshop, the Logan Grimnar Diorama captures the Warhammer 40,000 icon in all his glory against Chaos Space Marines of the Thousand Sons Legion. Releasing worldwide, in Limited Edition, grab yours now before it’s sold out!
Logan Grimnar, Bloody-Handed Warrior, he piles the skulls of his enemies, he builds a mound of the fallen, his foes weep rivers of blood.” “Logan Grimnar, the strong wolf of the pack, his Axe hungers for red flesh, his guns thirst for battle, he laughs amidst the war-din.”
Cast in premium quality solid resin and painted with master-level craftsmanship, Logan Grimnar wielding his infamous Axe Morkai at 1/6 scale over the Thousand Sons during the battle at Fenris. This hyper-detailed sculpt is set to be the centerpiece of your display and talking point with all your envious buddies!


When Logan Grimnar was young, the Sky Warriors saw the seeds of greatness within him. Since then he has proven himself fearless in battle, wise in counsel and tempered of spirit. Not since the time of Leman Russ has the Chapter known such a leader — the Wolf Lord’s ascension to Chapter Master seemed to be blessed by the great Primarch Leman Russ himself. He is a figure of awe, not just upon Fenris but across the breadth of humanity’s domain. To say Logan is popular is to say the stars in the sky are plentiful. He is the warrior-king of the Space Wolves, a wise and cunning leader of men whose adulation borders upon worship on many Imperial worlds. The Old Wolf inspires such unshakeable loyalty that he has led the Sons of Russ into unimaginable terrors and emerged with victory grasped firmly in his claws. Under Grimnar’s command, men become heroes, and heroes become legends.

Great Wolf Logan Grimnar has ruled the Space Wolves Chapter for over five hundred standard years and has claimed countless great victories during his reign. He is a hero like no other, renowned across the Imperium as both savior and warrior-king. He has led the Sons of Russ in countless battles, changing the course of history time and again with his deeds. As the final bloody days of the 41st Millennium come to an end, Logan Grimnar, the Great Wolf, sits upon his throne on Fenris and prepares for the Wolftime. A scarred veteran of a thousand campaigns, Logan is amongst the oldest of the Imperium’s warlords, having lived for over seven Terran centuries. However, despite the weight of years that rests upon his broad shoulders, he remains vital and determined. Like an old, long-fanged Thunderwolf, Grimnar is a dangerous and cunning foe. The Space Wolves follow Logan not just out of duty, but because they idolize him. Few Chapter Masters can be said to be held in such towering esteem as Logan Grimnar. He has authority and charisma that transcends that of common generals and warlords, and none that have met his gaze can deny that they stand in the presence of a true leader.


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