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“Ellie, all our theories about raptor intelligence, what they were capable of… we weren’t even close”– Alan Grant

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present you with the next entry to our Legacy Museum Collection of the Jurassic World III film, the 1/6 Scale LMCJP-10S Male Velociraptor Bonus Version!

Our artists have come together once again to add to the ever-growing Jurassic Park series, this time around, we are bringing you the male velociraptor from the third movie. Great care and attention to detail have been put into this highly intelligent reptilian predator, we are talking realistic texturization of the skin, rows of razor-sharp teeth, and massive, curled claws. The male velociraptor features saturated and bright colors, painted and shaded to perfection! The 16-inch-tall dinosaur strides through a lush, jungle-themed base, emblazoned with Jurassic Park III logo at the front with its name carved. Could it be looking for the female velociraptor? Or perhaps stolen eggs?

And if you order the Bonus version from our official store or any authorized distributor, receive a Velociraptor Resonating Chamber as a Bonus Part, a thrilling and collectible addition to elevate your overall Jurassic Park collection. 

This one is definitely a must-add to any Jurassic Park franchise fans, do not miss out and pre-order the LMCJP-10S Velociraptor Male Bonus Version while you can!

[Product Specifications]

Statue Size approximately 15.8 inches tall and 25.6 inches wide [H:40cm W:65cm D:33cm]

Jurassic Park-themed base

One (1) Velociraptor Resonating Chamber [BONUS PART]


Shipping not included, however we guarantee best shipping price KD 70 per box.


this is the deluxe bonus version, if you want the Regular Deluxe please contact us. 


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