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Available on November 30, 2024

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To continue serving the appetite of DC collectors, Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ rolls out a new and upgraded version of the D.A.H Batman from ‘The Justice League’.


The DC superhero “Justice League” styled Batman action figure features a hyper-realistic sculpt of Batman’s head. Even with his cowl on, Ben Affleck’s signature mouth and his intense gaze are impressively visible. The D.A.H (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) version 2.0 has a more finely tuned body, completely replicating the textures of Batman’s armor and suit.

Paired with the meticulously sculpted muscular lines, the articulable figure commands a presence that’s impressive even on a desk. Ensure this guardian of the Justice League is added to your collection and take home the fierce strength of the Dark Knight, only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet.


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