Joker “Arthur Fleck” 1/3 Scale Hyperreal Movie Statue By JND Studios


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Joker “Arthur Fleck” 1/3 Scale Hyperreal Movie Statue By JND Studios



Joker “Arthur Fleck” 1/3 Scale Hyperreal Movie Statue

The main character from the best movie of 2019 comes to life in JND Studios! Joker is THE character, but the way Juaquin Phoenix portrayed Arthur Fleck for most of the screen time in his process of becoming Joker was nothing short of masterful. As hyperrealism is the strength and concept of JND Studios, Arthur Fleck, in his most vulnerable state of character, was decided more fitting to showcase our skills, rather than Joker, covered up in makeup. We created Arthur Fleck the Hyperreal Movie Statue out of hopes that collectors would feel the same emotions we felt as we watched the story of Arthur Fleck play out on screen. 

Arthur Fleck was created by Kojun, one of the founders of JND Studios as well as one of the best artists on the globe. Already renowned for his beautiful work of the past, Kojun was able to display all the skills that he had been honing for the past few years through Arthur Fleck the statue. And the result, as you can see for yourself, was quite satisfactory. 

The goal was to recreate life as closely as possible. Silicone, glass eye, and implanted hair were used to achieve this goal. Compared to PVC or polystone that many statues are made of, our silicone is superior in terms of likeness and durability. Together with Kojun’s sublime painting to add to silicone skin’s likeness, in-house-produced glass eye, and implanted hair, collectors are now able to enjoy the most hyper-realistic collectible ever created.

Wardrobe was tailored and fitted by professionals to recreate the fit and the texture exactly as displayed in the movie. Wardrobe accessories, such as the buttons and zipper were manufactured separately to get the scale just right and to keep it hyperreal. 

The base was designed out of the concept of optimization for display. With a simple yet luxurious look, the base adds to the overall classy feel of the entire work. We plan to design the bases in all our work with a similar concept to bring an element of uniformity in our line of products, as well as to just create the coolest looking display. 

By concentrating our abilities on production, now we make sure the piece you receive in shipment will match the quality that you witnessed online. Also, as our pieces are high-end products, we’ll find the shipping method safest and most economical for collectors. Below is a table of estimated shipping costs by territory based on present date (July, 2020). When products are ready to be shipped, the exact shipping fee will be calculated and notified. 


  • Statue height: approximately 26 inches [H:65cm W:31cm D:31cm]

  • One (1) main piece statue with full wardrobe

  • One (1) specially designed base

  • Accessories: Gun, Shopping bag, Paper bag, Condition card

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Weight22 kg
Dimensions50 × 85 × 38 cm


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