Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys Arthur Fleck Life-Size Bust


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Available on March 15, 2024

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Sideshow and Infinity Studio present the Arthur Fleck Life-Size Bust.

Infinity Studio hereby present the world-class ultimate Arthur Fleck collectible with our proud Silicone life size bust artistry! The masterpiece movie Joker achieved great success in 2019. Joaquin Phoenix casted Arthur Fleck with his brilliant performance in the story about how he become Gotham’s Joker from an ordinary comedian.


Item Code:IFSA0007A

Material:Polystone, Resin, Medical Platinum Silicone, High-Temperature Fibre, Fabric, PVC, etc.


Dimensions:H(82cm)* W(51cm)* L(48cm)

Net Weight:25.5kg


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