Ghost Face 1:3 Scale Statue BY PCS


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Ghost Face 1:3 Scale Statue BY PCS



Product Summary

The face of fear is here!

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Ghost Face 1:3 Scale Statue, an iconic addition to any horror enthusiast’s collection.

Ghost Face’s elongated expression and haunting reaper robes are an undeniable staple of the Halloween season. When you see this costumed killer coming your way, you’d better run for your life! The Ghost Face 1:3 Scale Statue measures 29.5” tall, 16” wide, and 13” deep as the villain leaps through a shattered French window in pursuit of his prey. The figure wields his signature knife, and a voice modifier proximity accessory can be placed anywhere along the base to up the scare factor.

The mixed media Ghost Face Statue features sculpted details and tailored fabric elements to give the horror collectible an added element of dynamism. The figure’s mask, pants, and boots are all sculpted while the black fabric cloak, hood, gloves, and sleeves are all tailored to recreate the costume’s deathly appearance. Wiring in the hood and sleeves allows for posing the material to give Ghost Face a sense of movement. Additionally, the white curtains of the busted window background are fabric with wire support for posing as the killer makes his surprise attack on unsuspecting victims.

Scares are always in season! Bring home a titan of terror and add the Ghost Face 1:3 Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio to your collection today

  • Product Specifications

    Ghost Face®
    Product Type:
    1:3 Scale Statue
    Manufactured by:
    Product Size:
    29.5″ H (749.3mm) x 16″ W (406.4mm) x 13″ L (330.2mm)
    Box Size:
    Height: 17.75″ (450.85 mm)
    Width: 22.50″ (571.5 mm)
    Length: 36.25″ (920.75 mm)



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