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In Go Nagai’s celebrated Getter Robo series, Dr. Saotome of the Saotome Getter Ray Research Institute has dedicated his research to the development of the Getter Robo, a robot optimized to handle land, sea, and air for space exploration. However, an underground empire of sentient dinosaurs has breached the surface to take over the Earth. In a world threatened by the evil Dinosaur Empire, he must use the invaluable Getter Rays of his robot to save Earth. He tasks three typical teenagers from Asama High School, named Hayato Jin, Ryouma Nagare, and Musashi Tomoe, to pilot the three powerful jets that make up the Getter Robo.

Although they are just high school students, the three are driven by a strong will and their individual talents. The Getter Team must face Emperor Gore and his Mechasaurus army through many explosive battles with their Getter Robo. All the while, the fate of the Earth’s surface hangs in the balance.


This limited-edition release of the Getter Robo Robot Elite Bust exhibits Getter Robo in its most common and versatile Getter-1 form, with four imposing horns extending from its head and the anti-gravity Getter Wing billowing from broad mechanical shoulders prepared for any battle.

The 1/4 scale equivalent allows for this statue to integrate with the Grendizer and Mazinger Z Elite Busts in a striking display of Super Robot power. The red, silver, and green coloring of the Getter Robo features a realistic ruggedness marked by scratches and wear; a uniquely realistic signature Figurama feature of the Super Robot Elite Busts. Simulated panels of the robot are held together by intricate hardware, with expert attention given to each rivet and bolt. The Getter Robo bust rests atop Ryoma Nagare’s Eagle-Gou Get Machine, which features the iconic jets needed to navigate battles with agility and speed. Within the shining green honeycomb panels featured on the Eagle-Gou and Getter-1 shoulders, each individual hexagon is visible. The Getter-1’s fierce yellow eyes look into a future free from the Dinosaur Empire.

Crafted from polystone, each limited-edition Getter Robo Robot Elite Bust comes packaged with an official Certificate of Authenticity.

© Go Nagai/Dynamic Production

Edition Size:  Limited Edition

Line: Elite Bust

Dimensions: Equivalent to 1/4 scale; H26 cm

Includes: Certificate of Authenticity

Materials: Polystone, PU

Creative Director: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team

Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin

3D Artist/Sculptor: Luigi Terzi

Painter: Three Eyes Studio


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