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Hasta la vista, baby 


Prime 1 Studio is so proud to present yet again another astonishing collaboration with Blitzway. Limited to only 500pcs introducing the next entry to our Museum Masterline Series: The 1:3 Scale MMT2-02DXS T-800 Final Battle Deluxe Bonus Version from Terminator 2: Judgement Day! 


Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway have come together once again to deliver yet another statue of the highest quality and stunning accuracy of Arnold Schwarzeneggers Terminator from the groundbreaking sequel that came out more than 30 years ago! 


Set eleven years after the first movie, the sequel features a new Terminator unit, the T-800, which is sent back in time to protect John Connor from an advanced and more lethal Terminator, the T-1000, so that he may fulfill his role in the future battle against Skynet.  


This time, we are taking you back to the climax of the movie, the final battle between T-800 and T-1000 at the steel mill, bringing you a hyper-realistic screen-accurate depiction of a battle-damaged T-800. As usual, Blitzway masterfully sculpted this 29-inch-tall work of art. The fierce battle against the new and improved T-1000 has caused substantial damage to the protagonist. Once again, breath-taking craftsmanship to recreate T-800 in all his menacing splendor from the final act: ripped flesh, revealing the endoskeleton underneath as well as the built-in LED illuminated right eye.  Every aspect and detail of the outfit has been meticulously and masterfully replicated. Genuine black leather has been used to recreate the Terminators outfit with masterful attention to detail. We are talking bullet holes, zippers, pockets, and buckles on the stunning biker jacket, accessorized with a textile cartridge belt. The torn pant-leg shows a glimpse of the exposed endo-leg underneath. Two right-arm parts allow you to display either the grenade launcher or the rod used to sever his left arm that got trapped in a set of heavy gears during the intense struggle with Skynets assassin. T-800 Final Battle stands atop a steel-factory-themed base that is also LED-illuminated. At his feet is a chain hoist hook as well as up to twelve scattered bullets. 


The Deluxe Version comes with a multitude of additional parts, allowing you to expand the storytelling further as you see fit! An additional head-part featuring a half-damaged face fully showcases Arnolds facial features and intense gaze. An additional endo arm part can also be swapped with the damaged and broken arm part. Weve also included stands for the head and endo arm parts. 


When you order the Deluxe Bonus version from our official store or any authorized distributor, you will receive a cool sunglasses as a Bonus part.  


To say that this absolute work of art is a must-have for any Terminator fans is an understatement. This highly detailed likeness sculpture of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 is sure to satisfy any collector.  Pre-order the MMT2-02DXS T-800 Final Battle Deluxe Bonus Version while you can, as quantities are only limited to 500 pieces. 


[Product Specifications] 

Statue Size approximately 29 inches tall [H:74.7cm W:32.6cm D:32.6cm] 

Highly detailed likeness sculpture of Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits 

T-800 Endoskeleton themed-base 

LED illuminated on Fully Damaged head and base 

Genuine leather Jacket and Pants, Fabric T-Shirts 

Two (2) Swappable head parts (Fully Damaged and Half Damaged) 

Two (2) Swappable right-arm parts (Grenade Launcher and Rod) 

Two (2) Swappable left-arm parts (Damaged Endo Arm and Full Endo Arm ) 

Twelve (12) Grenade Launcher Bullets 

One (1) Cartridge Belt 

One (1) Chain Hoist Hook 

One (1) Head Stand 

One (1) Endo Arm Stand 

One (1) Pair of Sunglasses [BONUS PART] 



Prototype samples are shown. 

Product details could be subject to change without further notice. 


Material & Weight 

Statue Material: Polystone & Other Materials 

Statue Weight:  35lbs (16kg) 


Shipping not included, however we guarantee best shipping price between KD 50 to KD 70 per box.


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