Devil May Cry 3 Vergil 1/4 Scale DX Version Statue By Prime 1 Studio


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Available on March 19, 2025

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“Might controls everything, and without strength, you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself.”  

The enigmatic and powerful older twin brother of Dante now takes center stage for our next release. Standing at a mesmerizing 1/4 scale, Prime 1 Studio is proud to announce the UPMDMC3-02DX Ultimate Premium Masterline Devil May Cry 3 Vergil DX Version!

Vergil’s journey is one of contrasts and conflicts, as he relentlessly pursues power while battling his own inner demons. His appearance is striking and imposing with fair, pale skin and white, swept-back hair. His blue eyes, reminiscent of his brother Dante’s, hold a fierce and stoic expression.

Adorned in his signature long, silver-buttoned blue coat with a distinct serpentine pattern, Vergil exudes an aura of authority and conviction. His navy-blue ascot and tight vest reveal his well-toned physique. Wearing fingerless gloves, he confidently wields his sinister Yamato sword as a reminder of the dark power brewing within him. The demon remains lying by his feet serve as a testament to the overwhelming dark forces he possesses.

The statue offers versatility with swappable parts, including a normal head and a dual display head. This allows collectors to select their preferred expression and display options, especially when paired with the Devil May Cry 3 Dante statue. Additionally, a left hand holding a scabbard and a dual display left hand is included to add depth to the character’s pose.

The Deluxe Version elevates the experience with an extra left hand that wields the iconic Force Edge sword. This dynamic accessory allows fans to recreate the duo’s dynamic battle stances. Also included are two Logo displays that pay homage to the game’s North American and European variations, capturing the essence of the Devil May Cry universe.

The UPMDMC3-02DX Vergil Statue is more than a collectible; it’s a testament to Vergil’s unyielding quest for power. Whether you’re a dedicated Devil May Cry fan or a hardcore game enthusiast, this masterpiece is a must-have. Now is your chance to immortalize Vergil’s formidable presence and embrace the true Nephilim within your display.


  • Statue Size Approximately 27 inches [H: 69cm W: 56cm D: 37cm]
  • Statue Size Approximately 27 inches [H: 69cm W: 50cm D: 54cm] (Dual Display Pose)
  • Statue Size Approximately 27 inches [H: 69cm W: 50cm D: 48cm] (Holding Force Edge)
  • Devil May Cry 3-themed base.
  • Two (2) Swappable head parts (Normal head & dual display head)
  • Three (3) Swappable left-hand parts (Holding gun, holding scabbard & holding Force Edge)
  • Two (2) Logo displays (NA/JP Version & EU Version)

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