Bruce the Shark Sideshow’s Jaws Maquette


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Bruce the Shark Sideshow’s Jaws Maquette




After Jaws hit screens in 1975, swimmers and around the world suddenly stopped going to beaches and swimming pools. Fear of the man-eating Great White Shark was widespread. The movie terrified audiences, playing upon man’s innate fear of becoming prey for a much larger, much more dangerous predator. The film has celebrated its 30th anniversary, and remains one of Spielberg’s most entertaining and horrifying film classics. Jaws was a difficult film to produce and film because of the tremendous number of water scenes, and the fact that the title character was an immense man-made shark, known as ‘Bruce’ on set. Three men were integral in the creation of Bruce; Bob Matty, Joe Alves, and Frank Wurmser. Sideshow has had the great fortune to partner with Terry Wurmser, Frank’s son, to create the Jaws maquette, an exacting reproduction of the original movie monster designed and engineered by Terry’s father. Frank Wurmser was working as an engineer and draftsman for Universal, designing mostly sets for a number of their films. When effects guru Bob Matty and Production Designer Joe Alves began pre-production work on Jaws, they eagerly recruited Frank to handle the technical details. Frank drew up a number of blue prints before the final design for the 25-foot long mechanical shark was agreed upon. The rest is history, as the fan favourite movie monster was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public, and people began to warn one another, “Don’t go in the water.

Sideshow Collectibles and Terry Wurmser are proud to present you with the Jaws maquette, a scale reproduction of the original Bruce. Sculptor Mat Falls worked closely with Terry to sculpt an accurate ‘Bruce,’ studying Frank’s blueprints and technical drawings to recreate the Jaws shark’s unique anatomy.

The statue is approximately 28″ from head to tail and about 18” wide and Includes a casted acrylic base that seats into the mid section of the statue, as well as a separate and optional nameplate, for collectors to attach to various points on the base or display the maquette without the nameplate. The plate has the title “Jaws” embossed on a traditional blue background.
The shark is proudly displayed atop an elegant display base, and each piece is hand cast and hand painted to exacting standards.

Product Size:          Length: 28″ (711.2mm) | Width: 18″ (457.2mm)

Limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions37 × 48 × 77 cm


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