BLITZWAY: Rocky 1976 Superb 1/4 Scale Statue


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Available on January 31, 2025

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Product Title : Rocky 1976

Licensor : MGM

Manufacturer : BLITZWAY

Product No. : BW-SS-22101

Product Series : Superb Scale Statue

Product Type : 1/4 Scale Statue

Product Specifications

Statue Size approximately 21.4 inches tall |W 300 mm x D 305 mm x H 543 mm (Including Base) |

Highly detailed likeness sculpture of Sylvester


Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits

Rocky I themed base

One (1) Head (With fedora)

One (1) Right hand (Holding a rubber ball)

One (1) Left hand (Normal)

One (1) Butkus (The dog)

One (1) Name plate

[Product Detail]

Size Approx.: W 300mm x D 305mm x H 543mm

(Including Base)

Weight Approx. : 10kg (Product only) / 13.5kg

(Including Carton)

Dimension Approx.

– Carton : W 438mm x D 654mm x H 388mm (1pc / Icarton)

*Dimension and weight could be changed later.


Head : Resin

Hair : Wool (rooted hair)

Body : Polystone,Resin

Base & Accessories : Polystone

Costume : Fabric, Real Leather

Package : Styrotoam + Carton BOX

[Shipping Details]

Estimate Shipment: 2024, 4Q


We’re thrilled to unveil the iconic characters from the 1976 film “Rocky” – Rocky Balboa and his loyal companion and trainer, Butkus. This cinematic masterpiece resonated deeply with audiences, delivering a

profound message about passion, perseverance, and the boundless possibilities that accompany the pursuit

of one’s dreams.

With meticulous attention to detail, we crafted the leather jacket using genuine leather fabric, capturing every

aspect of Rocky Balboa’s rugged and masculine persona, right down to the scars above his eyebrows.

Additionally, the statue features rooted hair, enhancing its vivid and lifelike appearance.

Through our precise recreation, we’ve brought to life the touching moments from the film, showcasing Rocky’s


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