Blitzway: 1/4 scale 2015 movie “Legend” statue [played by Tom Hardy]


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The film “Legend” (2015) depicts the true crime events in the UK, featuring actor Tom Hardy as both the
charismatic “Reginald (Reggie) Kray” and the composed “Ronald (Ronnie) Kray.” It delves into the intricate
lives of the twin brothers and their ups and downs in the criminal underworld.
In the movie, “Reggie Kray” commands attention with his captivating charisma and unwavering determination,
showcasing a wide emotional range and genuine expression. Tom Hardy’s costumes authentically capture the
atmosphere of 1960s London, providing viewers with visually striking ensembles.
Blitzway meticulously portrays the iconic moments of Reggie Kray from the film “Legend,” from his confident
demeanor to the exquisitely crafted suits made from lavish materials. Experience the masterful portrayal of
Tom Hardy in “Legend” recreated by Blitzway!
5.Product Specifications
– Statue Size: Approximately 21.7 inches tall [W 310 mm x D 310 mm x H 530 mm (Including Base)]
– Highly detailed likeness sculpture of Tom Hardy
– Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits
– Legend(2015) themed base
– One (1) Head
– Two (2) Swappable Right Hands (Normal, Holding hand gun)
– One (1) Left hand


Product Detail
Size (mm*) W 310 x D 310 x H 530 (Including Base)
Weight *
9kg (Product only)
12kg (Including Carton)
Carton Size (mm*) W 375 x D 625 x H 335 (1pc / 1 carton)


Head Resin
Hair Resin
Body Polystone,Resin
Base & Accessories Polystone
Costume Fabric
Package Carton + Styrofoam


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