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Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Street FighterBlanka & Fei Long 1:10 Scale Collectible Set.

This pair of two 1:10 scale collectible statues is the second installment in the PCS Street Jam line based on the iconic poster from Udon Entertainment showcasing a selection of fan-favorite characters from the Street Fighter franchise.

Opposites attract with this duo of fully-sculpted Street Fighter champions. The yin and yang of Fei Long’s calm and collected exterior with Blanka’s animalistic fury form the ultimate alliance.

Fei Long looks pensively into the distance as Blanka crouches in a predatorial rage, flashing his beastly claws and combative snarl. The action icon and his energetic counterpart are seated on a fully-sculpted air conditioner, awaiting their next challenger.

Blanka’s trademark green skin boldly contrasts his vibrant orange hair. His highly detailed portrait displays his piercing blue eyes and beastly bite, while his ornately crafted attire features two chainless shackles and a pair of torn and frayed pants, providing a glimpse of the man he once was.

Fei Long is posed with the cool, relaxed posture of a movie star and the serious expression of a martial arts master. The fine detailing of this statue captures the precise nature of his familiar downturned brows and textured pants with exceptional realism


Product Specifications

License: Street Fighter
Product Type: Collectible Set
Manufactured by: PCS
Product Size: Height: 8.25″ (21 cm)
Width: 6.25″ (16 cm)
Depth: 5.5″ (14 cm)


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