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‘True love can overcome any obstacle!’


The tale of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ starts off with a prince being cursed to live as a Beast, and together with his loyal servants, he slowly loses hope in finding a cure. But not all is lost, as the lives of the Beast and a headstrong girl named Belle become intertwined when she sets off to rescue her father, ultimately selflessly trading her freedom for her father’s safety. The rest is cinematic history, as the Beast and Belle slowly fall in love against all odds!


‘Beast Kingdom’s’ highly detailed ‘Master Craft’ collection launches a new collectible of Belle, the princess from the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ animation. Dressed in her classic gold evening dress, painstakingly created by the servants, the gown’s exquisite details are brought to life in intricate detail. Belle’s detailed facial expression and elegant stance eloquently portray her grace. The iconic red rose is held in Belle’s hands, and many more are adorned on the sides of the base. Alongside Belle, there will be a Master Craft collectible of ‘Beast’ launched as well. The exquisite duo from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ are individually limited to only 3000 pieces globally, making it a must-have for fans of the Disney Princess series. Make sure yours is ordered only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!


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