Beast Kingdom DS-088 Jurassic Park Gate Diorama Stage


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Model: DS088 Jurassic Park Gate Diorama Stage

Product Measurements:  Approx. 6 inch (15-16cm)

Straight from Steven Spielbergs 1990s Jurassic Park films, prehistoric behemoths will soon arrive in Beast Kingdom!
Beast Kingdom is proud to present a new addition to the D-Stage series, the Jurassic Park Gate. The classic T-Rex logo from the first movie is reproduced on the gate and surrounded by the ancient scenes of the park. To bring back the excitement for all of the dinosaur fans, there is the biggest carnivore on land, Tyrannosaurus Rex. With its incredibly strong body and seemingly countless razor teeth, no creature can easily escape a T-Rex in pursuit. A goat stands in back to draw the hungry T-Rex out of hiding. Can you safely escape the hunt of the T-Rex? This is a classic collectible that dinosaur fans must not miss!
**All the flame effects on the park gates have a light-up function, faithfully restoring the scenes in the movie**


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