BACK TO THE FUTURE: Time Travel Memories Standard Edition – DOCTOR COLLECTORS


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BACK TO THE FUTURE: Time Travel Memories Standard Edition – DOCTOR COLLECTORS

This box contains the memories that Marty collected during his time travels to 1955, 2015, 1885, and even to a parallel 1985, reminding him that his adventures with Doc were real. THIS KIT INCLUDES: • Marty’s introduction Letter
• OUTATIME “Distressed” License Plate 1

o Hill Valley Telegraph Envelope
o Doc’s Tombstone Snapshot (Disappearing effect)
o Delgado Mine Map (84 cm x 51 cm)
o Buford Tannen Reward Poster
o Hill Valley Map 1885
o Hill Valley High School Envelope
o Lou’s Cafe Menu
o Lorraine & George prom night portrait
o Flux Capacitor Schematic Diagram
o Enchantment under the sea Flyer
o Lorraine wallet portrait
o Hill Valley Map 1955
o Twin Pines Mall Bag
o McFly Family Photo (Lenticular disappearing effect)
o Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino Red chip
o “Save the Clock Tower” Ribboned badge
o “Do not open until 1985” Marty’s letter
o Marty’s “Slacker” Tardy Slip
o “A Match Made in Space” Bookmarker
o “Re-Elect Mayor Goldie Wilson” Badge
o “Art in Revolution” Badge
o “Save the Clock Tower” Flyer
o “Dr. E. Brown Enterprises” Business card
o Hill Valley Map 1985
o Blast from the Past Bag
o Cafe 80’s Coaster (Lenticular effect)
o Double Sided Hoverboard Magazine Advert
o Blast from the Past Receipt
o Cafe 80’s Lenticular Placemat
o “You’re fired” CUSCO Fax
o Mr. Fusion sticker
o 3D Hill Valley Map (3D depth & lenticular effect)




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