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“ Being the target of all these attacks proves my worth… ” Koro Sensei

Koro-sensei is a strange creature who claims to have suddenly destroyed 70% of the Moon . He then plans to destroy Earth next March. He presents himself to the Japanese government and announces that he wants to become the head teacher of class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Middle School so that he can train them as assassins and eliminate a very specific target: himself, their own teacher.

But will the students succeed in their mission before the allotted date?

Assassination Classroom is a license full of values ​​and great lessons.

Returning the favor to the best teacher simply seemed logical to us.


This diorama represents Koro Sensei, binder in hand, running.

The Earth serving as a base to support the speed of the professor and the Moon almost destroyed to emphasize the power of the character who destroyed it just before its appearance.

We reconciled the power, speed and pedagogy of the character in this scene of which we are particularly proud.


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