Alice in Wonderland Series – Candy Color Special Edition Mini Diorama Stage Figure Statue – Beast Kingdom


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Beast Kingdom’s 2022 product line will include a launch of new Mini D-Stage series. The overall height of each diorama is approximately 10 centimeters and the classic characters are beautifully presented. Each figure is set in a simple scene that brings the characters to life in a familiar way, and although they are small, they are still incredibly detailed! This new addition to the Mini D-Stage series presents characters from the beloved classic Disney animated film “Alice in Wonderland.” The exquisitely graceful character gestures allow fans to relive some of the most beautiful moments in animation.
This time, a candy color special edition of “Alice and the Cheshire Cat” double entry is launched. There is Alice who got lost in front of the indicator tree, put on a blue dress with pearl effect. The body of the Cheshire Cat lying is sporting his iconic grin is transparent. With each diorama meticulously crafted with realistic poses and charm, these are not to be missed by fans who love Alice in Wonderland.


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