Crash McCreerys Baby Raptors Diorama by Chronicle Collectibles


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Crash McCreerys Baby Raptors

Diorama by Chronicle Collectibles

Product Description

Crash rendered hundreds of drawings for Jurassic Park. One that was never fully realized in the film is the drawing of the baby raptors playing together shortly after hatching from their incubated eggs. Since the Velociraptors were so terrifying in the film, maybe portraying them as cute, almost domesticated creatures wouldn’t fit.

Thankfully, Crash and Universal have allowed Chronicle Collectibles to create a three dimensional product of this adorable artwork!

These 3 baby raptor statues are roughly 12 inches long each on their base, creating a 9-inch tall masterpiece!

Product Features

  • 18 inches x 12 inches x 9 inches (45.7cm x 30.5cm x 22.9cm)
  • Each raptor is 12 inches (30.5cm)
  • 1/1 scale
  • From the Jurassic Park movie
  • By artist Crash McCreery
  • Featuring 3 baby raptors as statues on one base

Box Contents

  • 3 1/1 scale baby raptor statues
  • Base


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