Privacy policy of Figuristi Store Co.

Protection of personal information

We will obey the privacy policy and make efforts to protect personal information (as defined below) provided to us and your privacy properly.

Acquisition and use of personal information

Personal Information means any information on the customer such as name, address, telephone number, by which will distinguish him/her from others. In addition, Personal Information includes information will be able to identify the customer by matching with other information.

We shall deal with Personal Information for the use as we announced or published.

Personal Information will be handled by us as well as any companies contacted by us for orders, payment, delivery, provision of services, promotion of sales, response to customer’s request, contact, improvement of the quality and convenience of our goods, services and websites, guidance of our goods or services, and other legitimate purposes. We and the related companies shall obey the privacy policy.

We will carefully manage Personal Information as provided you and make efforts to maintain it safely.

In the case of entrusting the handling of Personal Information to any other company (except for our affiliated companies), we will appoint any corporation which has handled personal information properly, and will execute an agreement with such a corporation regarding Personal Information, including the matters regarding measures for proper maintenance, protection of confidential information and prohibition of re-disclosure.

We will obey laws and ordinances concerning the protection of Personal Information.

Disclosure of Personal Information to any third party

We will not provide your personal information to any third party (except our affiliated companies) without the customer’s prior consent. However, we may disclose to any third party for the following purposes. In such cases, we will ask any third party to take appropriate measures to prevent disclosure or leakage of Personal Information.

  • consigning shipment of our guide or goods to any third party
  • request of disclosure of Personal Information in accordance with laws and regulations, by national government, local government, or any parties or entities who have been consigned by such governments
  • protection of human life, body or property of the customer under the circumstances where it would be difficult to obtain his/her consent
  • Any request by any other laws and regulations

Disclosure request

Please contact us at the following e-mail address if you have any questions or inquiries regarding Personal Information, or intend to disclose, correct or delete Personal Information. After we have confirmed your identification, we will correspond to you.

E-mail address :

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